Autocam Medical Supplies Critical Components, Focuses on Employee Safety

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, has stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while remaining completely committed to the safety of their employees.

Deemed an essential business because of the trauma-related medical devices they produce and the support they are offering customers involved in the production and operation of ventilators, the company elected to stay open to fulfill these critical needs. In addition to implementing many of the practices and procedures from their medical device plant in China which already dealt with COVID-19, the company instituted many of their own initiatives to keep their 500 employees here in America safe.

Precautions they’ve established include social distancing within their plants, mandatory use of facemasks, as well as a zero entrance policy for workers who exhibit signs of illness. In fact, before anyone can enter the building their temperature must be taken. Those with compromised immune systems, about 25 percent of their workforce, have also been furloughed.

The company is also only holding virtual meetings with their customers and suppliers. Internal meetings are held standing up as most of the chairs have been taken out of the conference room to maintain social distancing. They also have a cleaning crew that works throughout every shift disinfecting high-touch surfaces like door knobs and flat surfaces.

“The policies we’ve put in place are reflective of our commitment to keep our employees safe,” said John C. Kennedy, President/CEO of Autocam Medical. “So far they have worked well for us. Out of our 500 employees, only one, in our Plymouth, Massachusetts location, came down with the virus and they have since recovered. I believe that a large number of businesses could safely reopen using these same practices.”

About Autocam Medical
Autocam Medical is a global contract manufacturer of precision-machined drill bits, drivers, screws, plates, cutting tools and other complex, highly engineered surgical implants, instruments and handpieces, as well as other device components. Clients are involved with instruments and devices used in procedures including the foot and ankle, hand and wrist, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, as well as ophthalmology and craniomaxillofacial procedures. The company offers a value-added approach to high-precision manufacturing with specialties in CNC milling, turning and cutter grinding. The company has achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification. They also have facilities in the U.S., China and Brazil.