WZZM13: Autocam Medical Looking to Hire Skilled Tradespeople

Time to finish up our series on who’s hiring in West Michigan during the pandemic. Today’s company is a medical parts manufacturer in Kentwood. They were a growing company to begin with, and they’re looking to grow more.

Autocam Medical Devices does exactly what their name implies.

“Manufacturing for really a variety of different applications. A lot of surgical, trauma-related,” says GM John Kennedy.

As you’d imagine, during the COVID-19 fight, they’ve focused some of that work.

“Reaching and working with a number of customers on taking on additional ventilator-related work. A project going on with the University of Michigan with a ventilator-splitting device,” says Kennedy.

And they have plenty of job openings, looking for people to help them with that work. Their pay is dictated by the job and experience.

“It varies pretty widely depending on whether you’er a skilled machinist or an engineer,” says Kennedy.

They’re wearing masks and doing temperature checks, doing everything they can to keep the place safe. They’re also expressing their gratitude for the workers they have.

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