CASE STUDY: Responsiveness / Speed to Market / Prototype to High-Volume Production

Component: Micro-machined Vascular Surgical Component

Challenge: The customer needed a proof-of-concept and validation parts on a newly designed component, a barbed pusher body, for their vascular-closure device. The part was less than .170” in length with a maximum diameter of Ø.083” stepping down to Ø.042” where the barbs are located, and had a Ø.021” center thru-hole. Weekly volume requirements were up to 7,500 parts.

Autocam Medical’s Solution: Purchased first CNC Swiss lathe, and in less than two weeks from delivery, Autocam Medical produced and delivered 200 First Article parts to the customer. Delivery of production parts began six days after delivery of First Article parts, with a total of 3,000 parts delivered in the first nine days. A second CNC Swiss lathe was delivered to Autocam Medical, with First Article parts from it produced in 3 days of machine receipt. Within first 10 months from program initiation Autocam Medical produced and delivered to the customer over 333,500 parts. This monthly average of 33,350 parts delivered, exceeded the customers minimum needs of 7,500 pieces delivered per week.

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