CASE STUDY: Responsiveness / Design for Manufacturability / Speed to Market

Component: Implant Set

Challenge: A major Medical Orthopedic OEM requested a soft launch of 50 kits, including Implants: Plates, Screws, Buttons, Hooks and Instruments: Drivers, Drills, Depth Gauges and Guides – four months earlier than anticipated.

Autocam Medical’s Solution: Because Autocam Medical was involved in the product’s early planning, research and development stages, as well as provided prototypes and engineering support, the product was ready for launch earlier than expected. Based on positive testing results, the customer then decided on a soft launch to acquire valuable feedback from surgeons in the field. Committed to the success of the soft launch, Autocam Medical purchased additional technology, including state-of-the-art Matsuura CNC mills. Autocam Medical’s thorough understanding of implant-to-instrument interface ensured a successful development process and an efficient design for manufacturability. Working overtime, Autocam Medical’s team maximized their machining capacity to produce fifty complete kits with instruments and implants, in just four weeks.

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