TODAY’S MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS: Medical design and manufacture weekend brief

High-tech equipment from Autocam Medical installed in WMU AMP Lab
Autocam Medical, a contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, had three new pieces of their manufacturing equipment installed in Western Michigan University’s (WMU) regional state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory (AMP Lab).

The equipment is just one example of Autocam Medical’s commitment to creating a skilled workforce. They are also a key partner in the AMP program, which is focused on encouraging and facilitating the development of students pursuing careers in engineering and manufacturing. In addition, they participate in a CNC Machinist Apprentice program in which they send workers to college to receive training in computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Students that complete 728 hours of classroom instruction while maintaining a full work schedule receive their journeyman’s card in CNC Machining and 27 college credits towards an associate degree.

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