SME: Autocam Medical Works With University of Michigan to Bring Ventilator Splitter to Market in Record Time

Dr. Kyle VanKoevering of MakeMedical, LLC, approached Autocam Medical with a drawing of a “splitter” device that could enable one ventilator to assist two patients at the same time. Dr. VanKoevering is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Medical School. He has broad experience in the application of 3D Printing for diagnostic and surgical applications, having played a key role in several groundbreaking and novel uses of additive manufacturing in medicine. His work continues in this field while he continues to provide excellent care and leadership at the University of Michigan.

The “splitter” device is called VentMI™ (Ventilate Multiple Individuals) and its purpose is to help provide mechanical ventilation to two patients from a single ventilator. “We know that individualized pressure control and the addition of other components is the key to effective ventilation,” said Dr. VanKoevering. “Combining custom pressure regulators and one-way valves, this system has been tested in simulated lung and animal environments, and has Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from FDA.”

When asked if Autocam Medical could use their manufacturing skills and experience to rapidly develop prototypes of several components for the piece, the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

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