MANUFACTURING NEWS: Funding Enhances Autocam Medical’s Efforts to Invest in Skilled Workers

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision, surgical and medical components and devices, has announced that it will benefit from two grants from the U.S. Department of Labor, the GoingPro Talent Fund and the One Workforce for West Michigan Project.

The GoingPro Talent Fund assists in the training, developing and retaining of current and newly hired employees. The One Workforce for West Michigan Project is a collaborative effort designed to help the unemployed or underemployed gain in-demand manufacturing skills with a focus on automation and artificial intelligence.

“We take pride in the supportive work environment we offer,” said Kristy White, Autocam Medical’s Human Resource Manager. “These grants will amplify our ability to offer even more of the type of training that leads to credentialed and transferable skills that are valued by our industry.”

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