BONEZONE: COVID-19 Amplifies Forecasting Challenges for OEMs and Suppliers

COVID-19 has magnified the challenges that OEMs and suppliers face in establishing manufacturing forecasts. Globally, manufacturers are responding to postponed procedures and even some facility closures. The pandemic dynamics are likely to create uncertainty for the orthopedic supply chain for the next 12 to 18 months.

We hosted a virtual roundtable to gain insight from both device companies and contract manufacturers about collaborative forecasting in today’s orthopedic space. Julie Sutton, Supply Chain Director for NN Life Sciences, led the discussion on ways to manage information, processes and behaviors to overcome obstacles and attain mutual success, particularly in the context of ambiguous timelines such as with the current global crisis.

Here in Part 1 of the recapped conversation, we focus specifically on COVID-19. Part 2 breaks down ways that device companies and contract manufacturers use forecasts as well as best practices for greater adoption and accuracy.

The participants included:

  • John Kennedy IV, General Manager, Autocam Medical
  • Shannon Mills, Supply Chain Director, Zimmer Biomet
  • Michele Roskowiak, Demand Planning Manager, Wright Medical
  • Greg Stalcup, CEO, SITES Medical
  • Julie Sutton, Supply Chain Director, NN Life Sciences

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