Drill Bits

In-house grinding and drilling expertise produces drill bits that perform

orthopedic drill bits

We provide drill bits for a wide variety of orthopedic, spine and general surgical applications. Our thorough understanding of drill features and design, coupled with our unparalleled competence in precision cutter grinding, deep-hole gun drilling, and CNC form grinding and machining enables us to efficiently engineer sharper and stronger bone-drilling solutions. Our experience with a variety of materials, (including 17-4, 440A, 440C, 455, and 465 grade stainless-steel) along with our extensive in-house finishing capabilities (including electro-polishing, bead blasting anodizing and laser marking) produces a customizable, long-lasting, and value-added drill or bit.

Surgical Drill Bit Features

  • Standard
  • Two-flute
  • Three-flute
  • Bone-harvesting
  • Step Core
  • Core
  • Rotary
  • Custom Marking
  • Custom Flutes
  • Durable
  • Disposable
  • AO Connectable
  • Hudson Connect
  • Zimmer Connect


  • PVD chamber offers TiN (Titanium Nitride), AlTiN (aluminum titanium nitride) and “Medical Black” coating options
  • Gun drilling cannulated devices, for example, bone scews, drivers, drills and taps
  • Grinding processes for any cutting tool geometry
  • Laser marking
  • Bead blast and other surface finishing processes



Autocam Medical precision machines all medical grades of stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome (CoCr), nitinol (NiTi), exotic alloys, aluminum, brass and polymers; including PEEK, polyethylene (UHMWPE), Radel and others.